Goč, Serbia

My New Year trip was on this beautiful mountain, to be honest I never really heard or knew about this place before. I'm really grateful that I had a chance to explore this mountain and also a city named Kraljevo on my way there. Being there for 4 days wasn't enough to see everything but … Continue reading Goč, Serbia

Kuşadasi, Turkey

I must say I fell in love with Turkey, not just because it's nature also because of people who are very nice, kind and lovely, it's culture and food. I went to Kusadasi this summer to enjoy something different for 10 days. Went to amazing breath taking places, tried different food and made some new … Continue reading Kuşadasi, Turkey

Djerdap National Park, Serbia

My New Year trip was all the way to Kladovo, which is a part of Djerdap National Park, on my way to the final destination I saw a lot of amazing places that I'm gonna share with you guys now. On my way to Kladovo I first saw Golubac fortress, the fortress, which was most … Continue reading Djerdap National Park, Serbia

My trip to Budapest, Hungary

My trip to Budapest was a weekend runaway from my busy life. I also visited Szentendre a small city near Budapest, so here is what to see and do in Budapest for 2 days. 1. Fisherman’s Bastion The Fisherman’s Bastion is, in all likelihood, one of the most visited attractions in Budapest. This is the place where … Continue reading My trip to Budapest, Hungary

Lakes in Serbia

It's been a while since I last wrote here, I was really busy with my work and college I just didn't have the time to write you guys more about Serbia and our natural beauty. Before I start, I have to say that I met this amazing guy from India named Sanat Shende. He was … Continue reading Lakes in Serbia

Beautiful caves and mountains in Serbia

This is another post about nature in Serbia. I really want to show you everything my country has to offer. 1. Potpec Cave  Potpec Cave lies on the northern part of the 932 meters high Dreznička Gradina Mountain near the village of Potpece, in the cliff which is more than 80 meters high.The monumental entrance … Continue reading Beautiful caves and mountains in Serbia

Sirogojno ( Zlatibor ), Serbia

Hey guys! It's been a while since I last wrote here. I was totally busy with exploring my country a little bit more, I wanted to find those beautiful secret places in western Serbia. So I was in Sirogojno 7 days, exploring everything this place has to offer. I was also in Zlatibor and in … Continue reading Sirogojno ( Zlatibor ), Serbia

Summer destinations in America

Wow, it's been a while since I last wrote a post here, I was so busy with work and college I didn't have a chance to write, but I'm back now!! Who doesn't want to go to America? We all have some American dreams. This are my few destinations that I find really beautiful and … Continue reading Summer destinations in America

Beautiful castles in Asia

I decided to write you guys this time about castles in Asia since I wrote my other post which was a long time ago about castles in Europe. It  might be easy to think of castles as being found only in Europe. It is understandable— after all, these edifices were built during the Middle Ages in Europe … Continue reading Beautiful castles in Asia

Spa Resorts and waterfalls in Serbia

So this is going to be my second post about Serbia's nature, it really took me a long time to write and to select the most beautiful places. Let's start with spa resorts first. There are over 300 different thermal springs in Serbia! You will be surprised to see a great number of persons going there … Continue reading Spa Resorts and waterfalls in Serbia